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Why Words Matter

A Word is Worth 1,000 Pictures

Most Web designers and many Internet marketers focus — mistakenly so, in our opinion — on graphics or technology. But on the Internet, as in print, it is the words — on the screen or on the page — that communicate your offer and persuade (or fail to persuade) people to buy.

While the principles of persuasion are well-established and do not change when you move from print to the Web, the Internet is a uniquely interactive and visual environment that has created new challenges for small businesses and their marketing endeavors.

It's ironic. The Internet is considered to be the medium of the programmer and designer, not the writer. Yet words carry content, convey marketing messages, draw individuals to Web pages, and persuade people to buy your product or service.

Your Last, Best Way to Differentiate Yourself Online!

As the Internet rapidly matures, the cost of e-business solutions falls. Technologies originally used to differentiate competitors are rapidly adapted by everyone and become a commodity rather than a distinguishing factor.

Once a particular application is used universally, it is no longer a competitive advantage.

In the offline and online worlds, most elements of marketing eventually achieve parity from marketer to marketer. The only element that continually provides opportunity to outsell the competition is copy: words.

Only one thing can consistently differentiate you and your message: powerful, attention-getting, and compelling online copy. Words that grab you by the lapel and don't let go. Words that speak to the prospect as a human being; tap into core feelings, beliefs, and desires; and position your product or service as the answer to her prayers.

While the Internet is certainly a unique medium with some highly specialized features, the important thing to remember is that it does not alter human nature. Certainly the Internet has increased customer expectations in terms of information accessibility, responsiveness, convenience, and service levels. But it has not altered the basic motivations that people respond to when being sold or in any other human situation.

People are not fundamentally different beings when they go online; people remain people. They have the same fears, needs, and desires online as they have offline.

… Words are your last, best way to differentiate yourself online!

The Kethyr Solutions Advantage

Don't think that the online world has a language all its own. It doesn't. Computer programmers may talk in HTML or Java Beans, but your prospects speak and read English (or their native language if they live outside the United States), whether they're on- or offline.

Using simple, proven principles of persuasion that are based on decades of tested direct marketing experience, Kethyr Solutions can give you a big advantage over your competitors. Why?

Because the online world has a large population of Web marketers who, whizzes though they may be in Visual Basic or Front Page, have not been exposed to decades of direct-marketing test results. The Internet marketing programs they produce may work on a technical level, but they often fall short in generating the desired sales results because they have not been constructed using effective offers, appeals, headlines, or copy.

By applying the time-tested direct-response principles of print that are transferable to the Internet, Kethyr Solutions can give you an edge, producing Web marketing campaigns that are more powerful, compelling, and effective.

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