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Website Copywriting and Content Development

Many people — Web experts as well as users — believe that, on the Internet, "content is king."

Content is critical to your website's success. People who come to your site expect to learn something or take away free information when they leave. The more free content you offer, the more likely they'll visit again and again. But what kind of content?

A good website tells a story. And that story should have a beginning, a middle, and an end. And it should flow smoothly from one point to the next…

Putting the Benefits of Direct Marketing to Work for You

Using simple, proven principles of persuasion that are based on decades of direct marketing experience can give you a big advantage over your competitors. Why?

Because the online world has a large population of Web marketers who, whizzes though they may be in Visual Basic or Front Page, have not been exposed to decades of direct-marketing test results. The Internet marketing programs these "gurus" produce may work on a technical level, but they often fall short in generating the desired sales results because they have not been constructed using effective offers, appeals, headlines, or copy.

By applying time-tested, direct-response principles that are transferable to the Internet, Kethyr Solutions can produce Web content that is more powerful, compelling, and effective and give you the edge you need to succeed.

How Kethyr Solutions Creates Persuasive Content for Our Clients

What characteristics make online content persuasive? Why does one Web page make a lasting impression and sell merchandise while another falls flat and doesn't generate enough revenue to pay its own cost?

To be persuasive, your content must:

  1. Gain attention
  2. Focus on your customer
  3. Stress benefits
  4. Differentiate you from the competition
  5. Prove its case
  6. Establish credibility
  7. Build value
  8. Close with a call to action
  9. Give the user a reason to act now instead of later

And your online copy needs to be written in a natural, relaxed, friendly style.

Using the easy, conversational tone of spoken language — short words, short sentences, the personal touch — and the time-tested principles of direct marketing copywriting that are applicable to the Internet, Kethyr Solutions has helped our clients out-distance their competition and show measurable returns on investment (ROI) of 50%, 100%, 300%, and more!

Kethyr Solutions' Eight-Step Process to Developing Effective Website Content

Kethyr Solutions can help you make sure your website is a powerful marketing tool and not just another pretty site for people to look at for free. Here are the steps we'll take to ensure your success:

  1. We'll write down your marketing objectives — Too often, business owners know they need a website, but they don't know why. Is the purpose of your website to generate leads? Build a database of names with e-mail addresses? Give your business a storefront on the Web? Put your product catalog online to eliminate the time and expense of mailing print catalogs? Kethyr Solutions will work with you to determine the purpose of your website, which is a critical first step to making your site as effective as possible.
  2. We'll help you quantify your objectives — Do you think having an e-commerce site can increase your sales 10 to 15 percent? Are you looking to attract a million visitors a month? If you don't know what these numbers should be, you don't need to guess blindly. Kethyr Solutions provides the market research necessary to help you make informed decisions, which helps make sure your expectations are met and exceeded.
  3. We'll make sure your website visitors get the information they need — If you are selling a product, the prospect won't buy it unless there's a clear description of each item along with its features and benefits. If you are selling a service, the customer must be able to get a price on the site or at least be given a phone number or e-mail address to contact for an estimate. Kethyr Solutions can provide a valuable, objective opinion as to the usability of your website and the quality and helpfulness of your website's content.
  4. We'll ensure your prospects' questions are answered while on your site — The easiest way to do this is with a frequently asked questions, or FAQ, page. The FAQ page lists the most common questions visitors ask along with the answers. Additionally, a number of software products now allow visitors to interact with a customer service rep while viewing sites, either via e-mail or on the telephone. Kethyr Solutions will help you determine the questions that will likely arise and the best way to offer the answers your prospects and clients need.
  5. We'll implement analytics tools that quantitatively measure your site's activity — This is a critical ingredient in successful Internet marketing, and one that is far too commonly overlooked. You need to compare actual performance against your stated numerical objectives. An increasing number of applications can measure everything from how long visitors spend on each page of your site, to how much and how often they buy. Kethyr Solutions offers our clients industry-leading, website analytic and reporting tools, so you'll never need to wonder about what's working and what's not.
  6. We'll add strategic hyperlinks to guide visitors — For instance, if you sell electric mixers and have an articles library on mixing, you might link articles about specific applications to pages describing the particular models that handle each application best. You shouldn't be afraid to aggressively lead your visitors toward the solution you want to sell, not just the nice free stuff you give away.
  7. We'll carefully study competitive sites — Using our Internet market research and competition analysis expertise, we can help you creatively plagiarize site features and Web techniques your competitors are using to successfully sell products and services similar to yours. There's no need to reinvent the wheel. Despite the emphasis on creativity among programmers and designers, creative adaptation of marketing techniques that are already working for others is more likely to result in your own success. Of course, we always avoid stealing or plagiarizing copyrighted content or artwork, and encourage you to do the same.
  8. We'll create content that fulfills your visitors' needs and exceeds their expectations — When people open the Yellow Pages, they have an immediate need and are looking for a solution. So the ads are heavy on content, light on fancy design or marketing fluff. Your site visitor may not have as immediate a need as a Yellow Pages user (if there are any people left who use the Yellow Pages), but she still has some interest or she wouldn't have come to your site. So while prize-winning Web design is fine, copy and content that sell are even more important. And this is exactly what Kethyr Solutions provides our clients.

Relationship-Building as the Key to Your Online Success

Posting articles, reports, reviews, and other non-sales information on your website makes it a "preferred destination" for potential customers. If people like what they see when they land on your site… if they don't feel pressured to buy and instead feel that you are providing them with "added value"… they will keep coming back for more. You will start to establish a relationship with these people. That gives you the opportunity to provide them with more help and information — and make more sales.

The Benefits of Having Kethyr Solutions Create Your Web Content

Many sites commit the deadly sin of being flat, sober, and boring, because they think Internet users are averse to being sold. Kethyr Solutions can help you make your website lively and exciting!

As for what you've done with the website copy... I'm impressed. Really. You've done a very good job of sounding a lot like me! Isn't that what we all want? lol. (This is high praise). — Adrian R. Medina, M.A., LMFTEven with fancy graphics, podcasts, and video, the Web is still largely a text-based medium, and you've got to quickly capture your reader's attention and interest. You have to establish a relationship with the reader and therefore write with energy, enthusiasm, and personality.

One way to do this is to stress the benefits, instead of the features, in your product and service descriptions. A benefit is anything that will make a customer's life better by using your product or service.

Kethyr Solutions can help you identify your prospects' fundamental needs and desires and determine how your products or services fulfill these desires and needs.

We will create website content on your behalf that directly connects the features of your products or services to the benefits to your customers and position you as the premier provider of the answers your customers seek.

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