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Website Analytics & Reporting

How Well Do You Know Your Website?

Website statistics are an often overlooked and critically important part of running a successful website. I mean successful as in "your website is doing exactly what you intend for it to do."

How do you know whether your online presence is effective or not? Has your investment paid for itself in new customers? How many visitors do you have per day and what do they do?

All of these questions can be answered — or at least intelligently guessed at — using website analytics. And the best part folks, if you host your website with Kethyr Solutions, we provide industry-leading analytics tools free through Google Analytics and Get Clicky Analytics!

When making important decisions about how to spend your marketing dollars, you need real-time information on customer demographics, purchasing patterns, and product performance. Understanding how these factors relate to ROI is a cornerstone of a successful online business.

Get Clicky Analytics
Get Clicky Analytics

Using the information provided by these statistics reporting tools, you'll have access to information about who's visiting your website and where they are visiting from, down to the city. You'll also be able to track how often you have repeat visitors, what the most popular pages of your site are, customer bandwidth, browser usage, and much more.

From the information you gather you can then make inferences based on your visitors' behaviors over time and really get a great view of how effective your website is and what needs to be improved upon to increase it's effectiveness.

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