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What You Can't See… Can Hurt Your Site Rankings!

Search engines read and index the code, or meta content, behind each page of your website.

"Title" tags are a priority area for search engine spiders. Putting your company name in the first few words of your page title squanders the most valuable search engine optimization (SEO) positions. Many organizations still do this, but those first two positions are critical to your ranking. A search for your company name will already rank your website very high, so use those positions more wisely.

And the meta description is what the searcher sees on search results pages below the page title link.

If your pages don't provide relevant meta descriptions written in a consumer-friendly way, Google will pull page content to appear in the search results under the page title. Think of meta descriptions the same way you would for the copy in Pay-Per-Click (PPC) ads and take advantage of it by making sure that each page's meta description is written for people first, and search engines second.

Search Engine Success Also Relies On… Location, Location, Location

Google also checks Web page addresses — known as Uniform Resource Locators (URLs) — and it is a huge advantage to have a top-level domain name that includes a relevant keyword or two. That extends to using keywords throughout URLs in subfolders and page names. The longevity of a top-level domain also plays a role in rankings.

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