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Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

search engine logosThe Difference Between Success and Failure Online

One crucial factor that can spell the difference between success and failure on the Internet is your site's rankings in search results for relevant keywords and phrases.

Organic search results, as opposed to paid search listings, not only attract far more clicks than PPC ads, they're also seen as more credible.

Today there are more than 14 billion internet searches conducted each month, according to comScore, and Google has reported that its index includes more than a trillion pages. SEO analysis regularly shows 10,000 to 500,000 search results for each keyword.

With Google alone getting over 125 million visitors a day, your site's visibility to that vast market depends on getting ranked within the top 5-10 sites listed for any given phrase.

Locking in a top-five spot in Google is where you want your site to be — front and center with targeted prospects. Of course, every other marketer is gunning for the same result.

To make matters worse, different search engines use different methods to score the pages they index on the Web. Most search engines use a complex scoring system to assign "positive" and "negative" points to a page based on content, link popularity, and a variety of other factors.

In addition, this scoring system is frequently adjusted, which complicates the task of optimizing your pages for specific search terms in particular search engines.

Kethyr SEO Premier… Making All The Difference

Achieving the best SEO results largely depends on how effectively you can apply a handful of core principles and alter them on a consistent basis.

While there are many one-size-fits-all SEO service firms in the marketplace, your business is unique and your website deserves unique attention.

One-size-fits-all SEO companies may perform some of the following services, but most do not offer them all. And most of their services are automated, as opposed to having someone knowledgeable reviewing your site and making informed decisions that fit your individual website and its target audience.

Does your current website provider or SEO company:

  • Make necessary changes to the individual "title" tags for each page of your site?
  • Add or modify all of your website's critical "meta" tags?
  • Create site maps (one for your site's visitors and one for the search engines)?
  • Suggest file name changes?
  • Address any issues with your website's architecture?
  • Ensure that proper error-handling measures are in place?
  • Make sure keyphrases are present throughout all levels of your site’s content?

If you have any doubts ask them, or contact us for an evaluation.

Armed with Kethyr SEO Premier, our proprietary search engine optimization process, our team of Internet marketing professionals is not only comfortably aware of SEO's core principles but constantly keeps abreast of developments within this specialized and ever-changing field. Because what worked three years or even three months ago may not work now, and misinformation about SEO is rampant.

With this knowledge, our SEO professionals can optimize your website pages to be found and scored favorably by search engines, using preferred criteria. And, should you choose, we will continue to monitor your rankings over an entire year, making adjustments as necessary to ensure that your rankings remain high.

Kethyr Solutions' proprietary search engine optimization service, Kethyr SEO Premier, and its search engine friendly web development platform has helped numerous Internet businesses succeed online.

Search engine optimization is an art as much as a science, which is why automated, one-size-fits-all SEO firms rarely benefit their clients Internet marketing strategies over the long-term. Building lasting relationships with your customers, whether offline or online, is best done by human beings who understand humans' emotional wants and needs, not an automated process that is looking for one-day results.

So What Happens If Everybody Can Find Your Website?

Using our Internet marketing services, many of Kethyr Solutions' clients have seen a dramatic upswing in visitor traffic to their sites, resulting in revenue increases of up to 50%.

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