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Search Engine Friendly Web Design

Your site needs a unique design to fit your business' unique characteristics, goals, and target market(s). Believe it or not, search engines such as Google do evaluate your site's design as well as its content. So your design not only needs to be unique but also needs to be "search engine friendly."

What is Search Engine Friendly Web Design?

Search engine friendly web design, in a nutshell, is constructing a website in such a way that the code does not get in the way of search engines. In other words, the code is transparent to Google.

Of course the content of a website should conform to the standard guidelines of search engine optimization and traditional marketing methodologies.

The following need to be in place in order to have a search engine friendly website:

  • Your website should be strictly compliant with the XHTML 1.0 standard
  • Your site should use unique, easily configuarble title tags on every page
  • You need to incorporate clean URL strings into your site's architecture
  • File names for each of your site's pages should be keyword rich
  • All navigation should be done with text, not images
  • Unique meta tags should exist on every page of your website
  • The text content of your website must properly make use of header tags (H1, H2, etc.)

Other elements such as cross-linking, well-formed "alt" tags, and title parameters in images and anchor tags, as well as all other standard SEO techniques are necessary.

It is now widely accepted that search engine visibility is very important (if not absolutely necessary) to operating a successful website.

You Often Get What You Pay For

Today's business Web sites demand compelling graphics, clever marketing concepts, and high-functioning applications. Unfortunately, many "easy" site-builder programs are bad for SEO purposes.

It's crucially important to be able to change such as elements as the "title" of the page. Otherwise — you're right — you won't see the search rankings you want.

If the program you're using won't let you modify the underlying code of your website (and definitely call customer service first to confirm), it's time to find another option.

Kethyr Solutions' Search Engine Friendly Web Designs

What sets Kethyr Solutions apart from the competition is our ability to create highly visible, search engine friendly Web applications, without sacrificing quality graphics, marketing message, and functionality.

Web application developers are typically ignorant to the art of search engine optimization and leave that task to the SEO specialists. SEO specialists then have to implement "work-a-rounds" in efforts to achieve top search engine visibility.

Kethyr Solutions' core expertise is creating highly visible (in search engines), high-functioning, attractive Web sites. Such visibility can affect a business' bottom line geometrically. Search engine visibility in most cases will make or break a Web-based business endeavor and should never be over looked.

Another common thread between all good websites is well thought out information architecture and inter-linked, quality content. This does not happen by chance—it requires detailed planning. Kethyr Solutions emphasizes planning. We also have the expertise to organize, write, and perform quality control services to ensure a site's content is coherent.

Kethyr Solutions offers a variety of innovative Web products and cohesive development and marketing strategies that are designed to address the unique needs of your enterprise. And we are committed to delivering a level of personal, responsive customer service that is second to none.

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