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Podcast Ads

Podcast Ads

A podcast is a digital recording of radio or video shows, online presentations, or other similar programs. They're available on the Internet for downloading to a personal audio player — like an iPodTM — either for free or for a relatively small fee.

People love podcasts because they can take their entertainment or education with them wherever they go.

Advertisers love them for the marketing, advertising, and relationship-building potential they hold — and for good reason. According to Arbitron, 11% of all Americans have listened to audio podcasts.

This translates into approximately 27 million potential customers in America alone.

This provides your business with a tremendous avenue to get your message out to your audience.

Podcast ads consist of 10- to 30-second ad placements in the actual podcast episodes themselves, or website advertising on the websites used to promote and publish information about the podcasts.

How much money are advertisers spending to advertise on podcasts? According to eMarketer, advertisers spent over $240 million in the U.S. on podcast advertising in 2008.

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