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Paid Search & Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Advertising

Google Ads — With a Google ad, you only get 25 characters for your headline, 35 characters for the other two lines, and then the URL. It's very, very short and creating an effective Google ad is as much an art as a science.

Single Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Ads — Kethyr Solutions can help you write the ads that appear on a search engine's results page under the "Sponsored Links" heading, based on the keyword research we provide or that is provided by a client.

E-Newsletter Advertising

This is an ad that's inside an e-mail newsletter. It can run anywhere from a couple of lines to even a couple of paragraphs, depending on what the newsletter publisher allows. You don't get a lot of room. You get a headline, a paragraph or two, and then you put in a link to a full promotion, perhaps a link to a landing page or a microsite.

Banner Ads

Banner ads have the same problem. You don't have a lot of copy to work with, so writing them is a real challenge. Being a good headline writer may be even more important when you're working with limited space than it is for any other kind of copywriting.

Social Media Advertising

If you know a 12- to 18-year-old, you've most likely heard about his or her MySpace page. Or maybe they're on FaceBook. Or Friendster. Or any of the other social networking websites.

And if you're a typical adult, you might brush off the idea that these online communities will ever hold anything of importance for you.

But you'd be wrong. While the primary users of social networks are kids, that's changing fast. And these online communities provide marketers with huge opportunities. After all, the hottest buying group is the 12- through 21-year-old crowd, spending more than $175 BILLION annually in the U.S. alone.

So, smart businesses use social networks like Facebook to advertise to people, young and old.

And since the copy is short and catchy like Google AdSense or other pay-per-click ads, Kethyr Solutions is no stranger to utilizing this medium effectively.

Blog Ads

These consist of ads on blog's website. You see, people have to go to websites to read blogs. As an advertiser, this gives you two chances to capture visitors' attention with advertising: in the blog itself, and on the website separate from the blog.

You may be asking, "Are businesses successfully advertising on other people's blogs?" According to PQ Media and Marketing Vox, blog advertising surpassed $36 million in 2006. And it's projected to go over $300 million by 2010. That's more than a 733% increase! So, something must be working given the increasing focus companies are giving to advertising their products and services on blogs.

Podcast Ads

These consist of 10- to 30-second ad placements in the actual podcast episodes themselves, or website advertising on the websites used to promote and publish information about the podcasts.

How much money are advertisers spending to advertise on podcasts? According to eMarketer, advertisers spent over $240 million in the U.S. on podcast advertising in 2008.

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