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Internet Marketing & E-Commerce Case Study

Navigating the Insurance MazeNavigating the Insurance Maze

The Problem

Barbara Griswold, an author and licensed marriage and family therapist, came to Kethyr Solutions for help developing a website that she could use to effectively promote and sell her new book, Navigating the Insurance Maze: The Therapist's Complete Guide to Working with Insurance — And Whether You Should, as well as other products and services she offered.

At the time, Barbara had been selling her book solely through and in-person at conferences.

Barbara was less than pleased with the 40% she made on each book sold through and, while selling books at conferences allowed her to keep 100% of the profit, direct conference sales did not provide an effective means of marketing her book to people who weren't attendees.

However, Barbara didn't have a large budget to set up a website and market her book online, and she didn't want to be directly responsible for processing customers' online credit card transactions.

The Solution

Kethyr Solutions' inexpensive, yet comprehensive, approach brought together all the elements Barbara needed to effectively promote and sell Navigating the Insurance Maze, as well as her other products and services, online:

  • A simple, clean, easy-to-navigate website
  • Fully-functional shopping cart with transaction fulfillment provided by PayPal
  • Teaser/tickler opt-in boxes to build a valuable list of qualified prospects
  • Autoresponder software to automate communications with her opt-in list
  • Reliable and secure website hosting

The net result is that approximately 65% of Barbara's book sales now come from her website, she keeps 100% of the profit from these sales, and she has built an opt-in list of well over 3,000 qualified prospects, a substantial number of which have led to sales and/or consulting clients.

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