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Internet Marketing Consultation & Training

In Today's Economy, It Pays to Make Sure Every Marketing Communication Counts. Do Yours?

From time to time, you may have felt the need for help in planning, creating, and implementing effective Internet marketing campaigns. For example, maybe you could use some advice or assistance in:

  • Starting an Internet marketing business
  • Choosing the right niche or target market
  • Taking your existing business to the next level online
  • Driving more traffic to your website
  • Building a large and profitable e-list
  • Increasing e-mail click-through rates
  • Creating information products
  • Coming up with and testing new offers
  • Selling more products on your landing pages
  • Building your back-end sales
  • Generating more online revenues
  • Improving your marketing results

Maybe you've found the usual sources of assistance — freelance copywriters, marketing consultants, advertising agencies, and PR firms — weren't focused on solving your particular problems, lacked the specific knowledge you require, didn't understand your product or service, or charged unreasonable prices. That's where Kethyr Solutions comes in!

Allow me to introduce myself. My name is Sean Eric Armstrong, and I offer a combination of over a decade's Internet marketing experience … deep understanding of how to make money online from running my own Internet businesses … plus a proven track record as a freelance copywriter and Internet entrepreneur.

Not only can I demystify Internet marketing and help you monetize your online presence. But, with the global network of partnerships I've created with Kethyr Solutions, I can also help you create many of the elements you need — information products, micro-sites, e-newsletters, online ads, search engine optimized websites — that will allow your Internet business to make more money.

Whether you're new to the online marketplace and just looking for some guidance or are an experienced marketer looking to increase your clicks, conversions, and revenues, I may be able to help. Let's talk…

Contact Kethyr Solutions today and ask for me, or call us toll-free at 888-538-4971. The conversation is free. And there's no obligation.

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