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Getting Started

What can I expect if I sign up with Kethyr Solutions?

For one thing, a dramatic increase in traffic to your site.

But you also receive a comprehensive, professional marketing plan (for additional fees) which can be leveraged into multiple advertising channels. Below are the standard steps we take in devising and implementing an initial marketing strategy for a client's website.

Step 1: Planning
In a preliminary meeting with the client, we discuss possible avenues for promoting the site. More importantly, the Kethyr Solutions marketing team will lay the groundwork for determining a variety of keyword combinations that will be most relevant to the client's site and industry.

Step 2: Research
In this phase, we research the client's company and industry, and then compile a long list of enterprise-specific keyword combinations. Afterward, we arrange another meeting to verify keywords and to discuss a marketing strategy that will yield the most effective results.

Step 3: Optimization
Here the content and coding for the site are rewritten to comply with the criteria and restrictions of the various directories and search engines.

Step 4: Submission
Once the site has been optimized, it is formally submitted to the directories and/or search engines.

Step 5: Reporting
After the site has been submitted, we monitor your rankings over the course of an entire year, making adjustments as necessary to ensure that your rankings remain high. In addition, we produce quarterly comparative reports showing your rankings throughout the year.

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