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Effective E-mail Marketing

The Purpose of E-mail

A common business mistake is putting up a website ad then sitting around waiting for people to come.

But you should heed the old saying, "Some people sit around and wait for things to happen, while others go out and make them happen." And sending an e-mail invitation to visit has proven extremely effective in building website traffic.

In a recent survey from the Winterberry Group, 74 percent of direct-marketing executives agreed that the marketing objective for e-mail should be direct sales and product and service awareness, as opposed to reinforcing brand and image, collecting data, or initiating a customer dialog.

Generating Measurable Results

E-mail marketing results are generally measured in click-throughs. A 5 percent click-through rate means for every one hundred people receiving the e-mail, five clicked through to the website whose URL was embedded in the message.

The biggest advantages of e-mail marketing over traditional paper direct mail is better response at lower costs. In her article called "E-mail Everywhere" written for Business 2.0 magazine, Cathleen Santosus states that the cost of a direct-mail package is $0.75 to $2.00 apiece versus only $.25 per message for e-mail marketing to opt-in lists. Response rate to direct mail is 1 to 1.5 percent, versus up to 11.5 percent for e-mail marketing.

Although there are a variety of response options available for Internet direct mail, an embedded URL link in the text is by far the most popular. Not having an embedded URL hyperlink in your e-mail message cuts response rates by half or more.

Building an Involved Audience

Standalone Sales E-mails — Similar to promos, these e-mails close the deal.

Regular E-letters — Personal e-mails from clients to their readers.

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