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Competitor Analysis

You took your business online. So why aren't you the next eBay or Amazon?

Every business, online or off, has its special situation. But assuming you've got a product or service your customers want … and assuming you know who your customers are … there are a few common reasons a lot of small businesses with websites don't get the results they're after.

For instance:

  1. Are you leaning too hard on the search engines? Getting a high listing in Google is great. But it's rarely enough to drive a small online business. Much stronger is to build a regular e-mail audience and use that relationship to drive them online.
  2. Is your home page really your best business hub? It's easy to believe your business home page is the heart of your Internet marketing business. But a lot of entrepreneurs thrive by using salesletter microsites and e-mail marketing, skipping the home page altogether.
  3. Is your site saying what it needs to say? Glitz, flash, and graphics — too often — get in the way. "Me" messages, clutter, and a general lack of purpose don't help much either. Ask yourself this: "What customer problems does my website solve? Can I connect those solutions to a product or service, in a way that inspires my customer to act?"

The key to all three of these insights — and many other Web marketing challenges — is that the message matters more than the technology.

Kethyr Solutions is loaded with strategies, tips, and tactics for creating, writing, and disseminating Web messages that get online customers to act.

We follow a very clear set of processes that we'll outline for you in our proposal. They are step-by-step methods we use to make sure we cover everything we need up front and then create optimized content within the design and functions of your site. And we'll work with your web developer or team to coordinate everything, so it's a nice, smooth process.

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