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Blogging for Success

A blog — a contraction of the term "web log" — is a special website with regular entries of commentary or other material. Originally, individuals wrote blogs to tell about their lives.

But now, blogs have become a powerful communication tool for businesses. Savvy marketers use blogs to keep in touch with existing customers and potential customers. It's a great way to pass on the latest ideas, personal opinions, and breaking news.

Because of the huge number of individual and corporate blogs, it's hard to get a reliable number of how many blogs exist. But Universal McCann (March 2008) estimates that 346 million people worldwide read blogs, with 60.3 million of those people residing in the U.S.

This avid readership is rapidly attracting the interest of businesses. According to the online blog experts, Technorati, one-third of bloggers have already been approached to be brand advocates.

They've become an essential tool for establishing and keeping that all-important personal relationship with customers.

As Phil Moony — blogger for Coca-Cola Corporation — said on NBC Nightly News, "The blog gives us a way to have that social interaction that no other media can."

Blogs are a great resource for generating fresh and relevant content on a website. And to be most effective they must be updated at a minimum of three times per week.

While most businesses start their blogging in-house, because blogging takes time away from other duties and responsibilities, it is becoming more common for businesses to turn to freelancers to write the content on an ongoing basis. And many individual blog owners get caught up in their day-to-day life, and find posting that often to be difficult. That's where we come in. As experienced web writers we are available to post regularly (set number of posts per month) or on an "as-needed" basis.

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