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Articles, White Papers, and Reports

The Selling Power of Information

In today's economy, many business owners feel they have to work harder than ever to engage and persuade their customers. Well, at the very least, we think you need to work smarter!

You need the right communication tools to educate your customers, especially if you're offering complex and costly products or business services.

Quality documents, such as articles, white papers, and special reports can be essential marketing tools and a major factor in increasing the quantity and quality of leads for your business. Why?

You are a very good writer! Your style is both friendly, conversational, and persuasive! Thanks so much for writing the letter I was thinking I'd have to write...' — Barbara Griswold, MFT, AuthorSimply put, articles, white papers, and reports are educational documents. When written properly, they overcome your prospects' resistance to being sold because these documents educate rather than sell. They provide objective information tailored to your target audience.

White papers, articles, and special reports can include:

  • Educational information about a product or service
  • Innovative information that introduces a new technology, methodology, product, or practice to the public
  • Marketing information that generates sales by describing the benefits of a product or service

Businesses and consumers like to be as informed as possible about the purchases they're making. White papers, articles, and special reports provide businesses and consumers with the information they need in order to make savvy buying decisions.

Multiple Uses, One Purpose — Increasing Your Conversions and Sales

Articles, white papers, and special reports can be excellent persuasion tools for converting prospects into paying customers.

These documents can:

  • Generate sales leads and enquiries
  • Generate repeat business when you include them with your products or services
  • Be dispersed at trade shows and symposiums
  • Be used to drive traffic to your website
  • Position you as an expert in your field

When using landing pages and sales pages, adding a few articles, special reports, or a white paper can sweeten your offer. In fact, doing so can dramatically increase your response rates.

In many cases, these documents are the sole difference between making a sale or having your prospect turn to your competition.

If you're not using articles, white papers, and reports in your marketing endeavors, or your in-house writers are overloaded, let Kethyr Solutions take care of your needs and help you reach, educate, and convert your target audience.

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