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The ability to utilize hyperlinks is what separates the Web from any other communication medium. But what about using strategic hyperlinks not only to make your site easier to navigate, but to actually increase traffic and add value for your visitors?

The Importance of Making Connections

Inbound links are among the least understood and most underappreciated of search engine optimization (SEO) factors. "Link juice" can have an enormous impact on your rankings. The most valuable links to your site are from other highly regarded pages and sites that are relevant to your industry.

As a rule of thumb, if you're targeting a competitive keyword, the page of your site that addresses that keyword needs to have roughly 100 pages pointing to it; for a less competitive keyword, fewer links are needed.

Inbound links can come from a variety of sources, yet not all sites are created equal. You need to pay attention to the weighting of certain links and watch the impact on search ranking.

Inbound Links and Link Building

A few link sources you should consider that we can help with are:

  • Links from blogs are helpful… particularly if the blogs are highly regarded and well-ranked.
  • E-zine articles can be especially valuable because syndication can create 20-30 more pages from just one article.
  • PR websites that publish optimized press releases with links can create a multiplier effect.
  • Certain forums and directories that are oriented to search engine optimization (SEO) are highly regarded by search engines. SEOmoz and SEO Book are good resources for these types of directories.

As we work to establish inbound links, we try to direct them to both your landing pages and your home page. A good rule of thumb is to have about 20% of your inbound links directed to your home page, with the remaining linking back to landing pages.

Linking best practices include:

  • The clickable link text contains your keywords, not the company name
  • It is a one-way link from another website pointing back to your website
  • Descriptive text surrounding the link also contains keywords

It's Okay to be Self-Referential

Internal links (links from one page of your website to another page of your website) are also important. You can maximize your SEO by connecting the pages that focus on each keyword to create content silos.

Internal links will help to:

  • Ensure that your website gets properly indexed and that the search engines can find all your site's pages
  • Build the relevancy of a page to a keyword phrase
  • Increase Google's PageRank (search engine value) for your site's internal pages

Helping our clients build successful internal links, as well as identifying the best sources for external links and getting the links from these sites they need, are just a couple components of our proprietary search engine placement process, Kethyr SEO Premier, albeit very important ones.

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