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Kethyr Solutions Launches

Kethyr Solutions Launches Website to Help Small Businesses Succeed Online Using the Power of the Written Word and the Internet

Mountain View, CA (March 22, 2010) Kethyr Solutions, a Silicon Valley Internet marketing company, has created a new website dedicated to helping small businesses succeed online.

The name "Kethyr", which is adapted from the Hebrew word meaning "crown", represents, among other things: the beginning of creation, the summit or pinnacle, intelligence, the origins, originating one's own future, and to see ourselves as others see us. And seeing small businesses as others see them, helping clients create their own futures, and optimizing their way to the top of their markets, are precisely the goals of Kethyr Solutions and the company's new website.

Unlike large advertising agencies or small independent contractors, Kethyr Solutions' mission is to offer small business owners the products and services they need to succeed in an increasingly competitive online world. While offering a variety of convenient marketing packages, the company does not believe in one-size-fits-all solutions. Instead, Kethyr Solutions consults with clients, manages a variety of projects from start to finish, handles single aspects of projects on a one-time and ongoing basis, and regularly publishes informative articles and reports so business owners can take their marketing initiatives into their own hands with confidence.

In addition to promotional content, Kethyr Solutions integrated it's bi-weekly newsletter, Kethyr's CAMEL (the "CAMEL" being an acronym of Communications, Advertising, and Marketing E-Letter), as well as partner profiles and additional marketing resources, into the new website so clients and casual visitors can access all of the materials and support they need to succeed online.

"While we've undertaken large-scale projects for our clients, this website is unlike anything we've created before for our company, and I'm extremely excited about the number of resources we're able to make available to our clients and other small business owners," says Sean Eric Armstrong, Kethyr Solutions' Founder and CEO.

"We're delighted with the new website and have no doubt that it will help produce real, measurable results for our clients and give small business owners the information they need to grow and succeed online," adds Armstrong.

Headquartered in Silicon Valley, California, Kethyr Solutions is an Internet marketing and Web development services company serving clients from Hawaii to New York to Paris, France. Started as a one-man website design and Internet marketing consultancy in 2003, Kethyr Solutions has developed partnerships with companies and contractors around the globe, and is poised for additional corporate growth in 2010. In addition to the company's proprietary search engine optimization and Internet marketing platforms, Kethyr Solutions' extensive network of vendors and independent contractors allows it to keep costs down and custom tailor Internet marketing solutions to meet the unique needs and goals of their clients' businesses.

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